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Telerik Sitefinity includes a pre-built pluggable module, Blogs, that lets you manage one or more blogs on a site. It includes a range of features such as tag clouds, RSS feeds, and support for comments. Blogs is one of the modules that are based on the Generic Content module.

Blogs: Creating a Blog

Figure 1


Once a blog has been created, there is an option to create numerous posts for that blog (see Figure 2). Also, there is a link to change the settings for the blog.

Blogs: Post Items

Figure 2


A post is a content item that could later be displayed on a page and shared by other pages. It provides a content editor based on the RadEditor control (one of Telerik's RadControls).

Blogs: Created Post Item

Figure 3


There is a link in the control panel, Set Details, that allows additional settings to be saved for a given blog. Apart from changing the name, description or title, the user could set whether comments are allowed or whether comments moderation will be required. Also, a specific blog or post page could be set to be the default one for displaying the item/items.

Blogs: Settings

Figure 4


Post Styling

When an author of a post is logged into the system and writes a comment to his own post, a new style will be applied so that the comment visually differs from the original post.


Trackbacking and Pingbacking

Trackback and pingback is a method for notifying a user when his/her post is referenced in another web site.


If a blog supports trackback, it will start with a <rdf>.. </rdf> script in Blog detail view. This is metadata describing the content of a blog post and pointing the trackback url.


Following is an example for an <rdf> insertion into a blog post when accessing the View Source of its detail view:

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<rdf:RDF xmlns:rdf="
dc:title="Code Snippet - A new way to share your codes."
" />


The Sitefinity Blogs module supports trackbacking. This means that when there is a reference to a link of a Sitefinity blog post, the post will have a pingback comment about where is it is referenced.


The Sitefinity Blogs module also supports pingbacking. This means that when there is s reference to a blog link of another content system that supports trackbacking, that system will be notified that we have referenced its blog link in a Sitefinityour blog post.

Pingbacking is oneway - once it is sent, it could not be taken back since the system is disconnected.

Example: if you add a post A with reference link to post B, post B gets notified. Now, if you edit post A and remove the reference to post B, the pingback comment from post B will not be removed.


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