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This topic provides information about the new MetaBlog API that allows users to write blog posts without entering the Sitefinity administration area, but using external tools instead. 



The MetaBlog API enables users to write blog posts using tools like Windows Live Writer, without going to the Sitefinity Administration area. This also enables users to add/edit/delete a post using XML-RPC calls.


All the images posted from Windows Live Writer will be stored in Modules-> Images&Documents -> MetaBlog. This section is automatically created after first using images for blog posts. If necessary, the administrator could later access the section and modify the stored images.



In order to use this new option, both Sitefinity and the external tool must be configured:

To demonstrate the procedure, we will use Windows Live Writer as an example for managing a blog post.


Setting Sitefinity

Add the following entry in web.config file under <httpHandlers> nodes:

web.config Copy Code
<add verb="POST" path="blogs/metablog.ashx" type="Telerik.Blogs.MetaWeblog.MetaWeblogHandler, Telerik.Blogs"/>


Another requirement is to point a BlogPage URL:

  1. Log into the Sitefinity Administration, access the Modules tab, then Blogs.
  2. Open the desired blog. On the Command Panel there is a section - Blog settings. Click on the link Set details.
  3. Locate the BlogPage text field in the Blog Pages section and select the page which contains the desired blog. This is the BlogPage URL. 

This is where the Live Writer will take you after you do a post. If there are multiple blogs under the same account, you must provide a separate BlogPage URL for each of the blogs you have. The Live Writer will notify you if there isn't a BlogPage URL.


Setting the External Tool

Do the configuration required for the specific external tool. Following are the steps necessary to set up Windows Live Writer:

  1. Download Windows Live Writer 
  2. Press Add New Account from the tools menu.
  3. In step 1 , give your blog page URL and your username/password. BlogPage URL can be entered from Modules-> Blogs-> Blog Settings page. It is required for Live Writer to complete the step successfully.
  4. Step 2 is the metablog URL setup. From the dropdown you can select "MetaWebblog API". In the textbox enter the URL. The format is:
  5. Click Finish and you are ready to go.


Formats when working in Multilingual mode:

  • For PathPrefix => localization settings for the metablog url. Example used - for French:



  •  For QueryString => localization settings for the metablog url. Example used - for French:



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