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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

The purpose of this section is to provide you with detailed information about what will be visible in the Mapping Information view, when you select a class in the treeview.

When you select a class in the treeview, the Mapping Information view should look like the snapshot below:

As you can see the Mapping Information view contains three tab pages:

  • Class Mapping  - this tab is used for specifying the mapping and attributes for persistence-capable classes. The various properties that can be set have been described in the Class Mapping Tab topic.
  • Fetch Group - the Fetch Group tab appears right on the Class Mapping tab. It is used to define fetch groups. A fetch group is used to fetch only those fields from the database that are actually needed by the application in as few calls as possible. Read more
  • Index - the Index tab appears right after the Fetch Group tab. It is used to define indexes by writing appropriate XML entries to the application's configuration file. An index is used to improve the speed of the operations in a table. Indexes can be defined on tables created by OpenAccess using XML mapping entires. Read more