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Configuring the OpenAccessDataSource Control
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This documentation article is a legacy resource describing the functionality of the deprecated OpenAccess Classic only. The contemporary documentation of Telerik OpenAccess ORM is available here.

The OpenAccessDataSource control supports data binding scenarios in Web applications that use the Telerik OpenAccess ORM. The design-time experience is very similar to the other ASP.NET datasource implementations like LinqDataSource or ObjectDataSource controls. The OpenAccessDataSource control manages create, read, update, and delete operations against a data source on behalf of data-bound controls on the same page like grids, bound drop-down list controls, and master-detail pages.

To use the OpenAccessDataSource control, you must add a reference in your application to the DLL that contains the persistent classes (data model), the mapping files and the helper classes that are used to obtain a valid IObjectScope reference.
The connection settings are usually set by using the helper class generated by Telerik OpenAccess ORM wizards in the project that contains the persistent classes. When you create the persistent classes by using the Telerik OpenAccess ORM wizards, you create a named connection in the project/application configuration file. 

Object Scope

The Object Scope class (IObjectScope implementation) is the primary class for interacting with data used by Telerik OpenAccess ORM. This data is in the form of objects. An Object Scope encapsulates a connection to the database, metadata that describes the mapping, and is responsible for tracking objects during create, update, and delete operations. The ObjectContextProvider property of the OpenAccessDataSource control is a string that specifies the fully qualified type name of the type Object Scope helper that the data source control uses. If the property is not specified, you must provide an Object Scope from outside (using the events,etc.). For more information, see Object Scope Life-Cycle Management.

Root Types

You can specify the type that the OpenAccessDataSource control accesses through the TypeName. The value of the TypeName property is the default SELECT statement that the control uses. The setting is not required if the query is specified as an OQL expression supplied to the CommandText property. For more information, see Custom Command Text.