Telerik® JustMock™ by Progress

Calls the type's static constructor. The static constructor can be executed even when the runtime has already called it as part of type's initialization.

Namespace: Telerik.JustMock
Assembly: Telerik.JustMock (in Telerik.JustMock.dll) Version: 2013.3.1021.0 (2013.3.1021.0)


public void CallStaticConstructor(
	bool forceCall
Visual Basic
Public Sub CallStaticConstructor ( _
	forceCall As Boolean _


Type: System..::..Boolean
When 'false', the static constructor will not be called if it has already run as part of type initialization. When 'true', the static constructor will be called unconditionally. If the type is not yet initialized and 'true' is given, the static constructor will be run twice.

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