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Defines a class that manages publication and subscription to TabItemCloseEvent event. This class provides a push notification to all of the clients subscribers, when particular tab item has been closed in JustDecompile. Event base notification is dispatched to all of the subscribers.

Namespace: JustDecompile.API.CompositeEvents
Assembly: JustDecompile.API (in JustDecompile.API.dll) Version: (


public class TabItemCloseEvent : CompositePresentationEvent<ITabItem>
Visual Basic
Public Class TabItemCloseEvent _
	Inherits CompositePresentationEvent(Of ITabItem)
Visual C++
public ref class TabItemCloseEvent : public CompositePresentationEvent<ITabItem^>

Inheritance Hierarchy

    CompositePresentationEvent<(Of <(<'ITabItem>)>)>

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