Telerik® JustDecompile™ by Progress

JustDecompile leverages MEF and Prism for discovering, loading and composing any plugins and their corresponding dependencies.

A plugin is a Prism module exposed through MEF.

To be exposed as Prism module the plugin should contain a class marked with the ModuleExport attribute and implementing the IModule interface (see the example below). The Initialize() method of that class will be called as soon as JustDecompile loads the plugin in its application domain. At this point the plugin can commence executing its custom logic.

public class PluginModule : IModule
    public void Initialize()
        // Put your initialization logic here.
<ModuleExport(GetType(PluginModule))> _
Public Class PluginModule
    Implements IModule

    Public Sub Initialize()
        'Put your initialization logic here.
    End Sub

End Class