Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

Visual Aid settings page

Visual Aid


  • Show visual aid tag - Enables visual aids in the code editor.
  • Collapse additional commands - Collapses the commands not straight related to the context.
  • Show keyboard shortcuts in visual aid menus - Enables keyboard shortcuts to be shown in the visual aid menus.
  • Use single-letter header - Shows a single letter for each Visual aid header.
  • Use colored headers - Shows different colors for each Visual aid header.
  • Hold down Ctrl key to make visual aid menus transparent - Enables the transparency of visual aid.
  • Visual aid tag size - Specifies the size of the visual aid tag.
  • Visual aid header size - Specifies the size of the visual aid header.

Mouse Mode

  • Show header on mouse hover - Shows header with categories when the mouse enters the visual aid tag
  • Show menus on mouse hover - Shows a specific category menu when the mouse enters its header section
  • Hide header on mouse leave - Hides the category header when the mouse leaves the visual aid menus
  • Enable keyboard mode on header mouse click - Enables switching on keyboard mode when clicking on a category header

Keyboard Mode

  • Switch menus on mouse hover - toggle whether to switch menus when mouse moves from one header category to another in keyboard mode