Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

One of the ways to set keyboard shortcuts to all Telerik® JustCode™ commands is by using the Options dialog.

Before applying keyboard shortcuts profile

If there is no profile applied, a different than selected profile is already applied or the user has reset Visual Studio keyboard shortcuts, 'Keyboard Shortcuts' page in Options dialog will look like the 'Image 1' bellow.

Image 1. Before applying a profile.

Keyboard Profiles In Options

As you can see from the image above, there is combobox from which you can select a profile to apply. After selecting a profile, a list of shortcut conflicts with the existing Visual Studio commands' shortcuts will appear (if any). In case when Telerik® JustCode™ shortcut conflicts with more than one Visual Studio shortcuts, a plus sign will be shown in front of the conflict. You can use it to expand/collapse the list of conflicting Visual Studio shortcuts. Here you can choose whether to apply or not a conflicting Telerik® JustCode™ shortcut by checking/unchecking the checkbox before it.

There is a button named 'Preview Shortcuts' right after the combobox with the profiles. By pressing it you can see all the shortcuts which will be applied for the selected profile.

Pressing the 'Apply Profile' will apply the currently selecting profile, excluding the unchecked conflicts' shortcuts.

After applying keyboard shortcuts profile

After the shortcuts are applied, you should get the following screen:

Image 2. After the shortcuts are successfully applied.

Keyboard Profile Applied

Note: If you do not get the green icon with message saying "Profile successfully applied.", probably some of the shortcuts were not applied. That could happen when in Telerik® JustCode™ shortcuts there is a key which is missing from the active keyboard layout (for example '=' is missing from 'Turkish' keyboard layouts). In that case make sure that the active keyboard layout is 'English US' and apply the profile again.

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