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Visual Aids are handy shortcuts to available commands for a selected identifier, keyword, or selected code line(s). The aid is displayed as a small rectangle inside the code editor, next to your cursor.

Visual Aids

Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, XAML, JavaScript, HTML

When you hover over the rectangle you get a list of available refactorings, quick fixes, code navigation, code and test commands.

Visual Aids menu

Each icon corresponds to a certain group of commands:

  • Visual Aids Code Generation
    - Code Generation commands
  • Visual Aids Refactoring
    - Refactorings
  • Visual Aids Navigation
    - Navigation and search commands
  • Visual Aids Test
    - Test commands
  • Visual Aids Quick Fix
    - Quick Fixes
  • Visual Aids Configuration
    - Configuration settings

There are four different ways to modify your Visual aid header. To achieve the best look you preffer, just set the necessary settings in the Visual aid options page.

Visual Aid Header

Visual aids are context based. Depending on where your cursor is positioned or what your current selection is, the available commands are different. Here is an example of commands available for selected code lines:

Visual Aids Select Code Lines

The only static visual aid tab is the Configuration tab. It allows you to fastly modify Visual Aid view depending on your preferences. If you need to adjust more than the view it has a quick access link to the Visual Aid Options page.

Configuration Tab

To display a list of available commands

  1. Position the cursor over an identifier, keyword or select line(s) of code.

    Visual Aids Step 1
  2. Hover over the small green rectangle with your mouse.
  3. Choose a command to execute.

    Visual Aids Step 2
  • Visual Aid menus become transparent when the Ctrl key is held.

  • Visual Aids can be turned on/off from Visual Aid.

  • You can disable opening Visual Aids menus on hover from Visual Aid.

  • You can change the size of the small rectangle from Visual Aid.


When you press Ctrl+` the Visual Aids menu is opened in sticky mode.

By default when you hover over the small Visual Aids line (the small green rectangle) the Visual Aids menu is shown in non-sticky mode. This means that you can navigate to the different menus by just hovering over them with the mouse and if the mouse goes outside of the Visual Aids popup it is closed. In sticky mode the menu is not hidden if you go out of it and you can’t navigate by just hovering over with the mouse. You need to click on the different menus (the letter boxes) to actually open it. You also have keyboard navigation in this mode – use the arrow keys. If you disable the “Navigate visual aid on mouse hover” option in the settings, when you hover over the green line the Visual Aids menu will open in sticky mode.

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