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Find Usages command helps you when you want to locate the places where a certain namespace, type, method, property, field, or local variable is used in the solution.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, Razor, XAML

Not supported: HTML

Telerik® JustCode™ uses a pop-up window (see Find Results Window) to show you the results of your search. Note that in case of a single usage, Telerik® JustCode™ directly navigates to it instead of just showing you a window. This option is configurable in the JustCode Options dialog.

You can also watch the video tutorial JustCode - Find Usages.

To find usages

  1. Position the caret over an identifier.

    Find Usages Select
  2. Press Alt+`. From the pop-up menu, choose Find Usages.

    Find Usages Results
  3. Double click on the usage to navigate. Alternatively you can select a usage and press the Go to Declaration button.

Notice the way in which each usage is highlighted. With pink color are highlighted all write usages - i.e. value setters, while with cyan color are highlighted all read usages - i.e. value getters. You can also filter the usages by using the buttons from the toolbar, thus displaying only read, write or all usages:

Find Usages All Usages - Show All Usages

Find Usages Write Usages - Show Write Usages

Find Usages Read Usages - Show Read Usages

Additionally, all usages are also shown on the stripe bar and are highlighted again in different colors so you can easily distinguish between read and write usages:

Find Usages Vertical Stripe Bar

Read and write usages are distinguished in the vertical stripe even in JavaScript.

When running several searches - previous results will be saved in separate tabs in the Find Usages Results window.


To find usages, you can also navigate on the main menu. Choose JustCode | Navigate | Find Usages..., or just press Alt+F7

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