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Find Extended Usages command helps you when you want to locate the places where a certain type and its members are used in the solution. It also finds a certain namespace, method, property, field, or local variable usage. The only difference with the Find Usages command is that when you search for a type, it also includes usages of its members in the results.


Language Support

Supported: C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CSS, Razor

Partially supported: XAML (x:Key declarations are not supported)

Not supported: HTML

Telerik® JustCode™ uses a pop-up window (see Find Results Window) to show you the results of your search. Note that in case of a single usage, Telerik® JustCode™ will just highlight this usage instead of showing you a window.

To find extended usages

  1. Position the caret over a type identifier.

    Find Extended Usages Selected
  2. Press Alt+`. From the pop-up menu, choose Find Extended Usages.

    Find Extended Usages Results
  3. Double click on the usage to navigate. Alternatively you can select a usage and press the Go to Declaration button.

Notice the difference between Find Usages and Find Extended Usages. While Find Extended Usages finds usages of both the type and its members, Find Usages finds only usages of the type. Here is a snapshot of the found results by Find Usages command applied on the same type.

Find Extended Usages Results 2

Note how read and write usages are highlighted in the results dialog. Read more about that feature in the Find Usages topic.


To find extended usages you can also navigate on the main menu. Choose JustCode | Navigate | Find Extended Usages..., or just press Shift+F12

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