Telerik® JustCode™ by Progress

Telerik® JustCode™ performs inspections over your code to find compiler errors and warnings and also code inefficiencies determined by some rules (check Solution Wide On-the-fly Analysis to find out what inspections performs Telerik® JustCode™). Once Telerik® JustCode™ finds an error or warning, it highlights it with a different color.

  • Errors - by default JustCode underlines errors with a red curly line:

    Highlighting Code Error
  • Warnings - by default Telerik® JustCode™ underlines warnings with a green curly line:

    Highlighting Code Warning

In order to get inspection details, hover over the error or the warning with your mouse (like it is shown on the screenshots).

In case you use a custom theme for your VisualStudio environment or if you want to change the default colors, navigate on the VisualStudio main menu to Tools / Options / Environment / Fonts and Colors. Search for JustCode Error Marker and JustCode Warning Marker and change the Item foreground color to whatever color you like.

Highlighting Code Font Colors

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