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Visual Studio WebTest

Fiddler2 includes the ability to capture web traffic (including AJAX requests) for later playback with the Visual Studio Web Test product.

Save a WebTest

  1. Capture traffic from your web application.
  2. Click File > Export Sessions > All Sessions.
  3. Click Visual Studio WebTest.

Replaying a WebTest

  • Note: You must have a Visual Studio 2005 or later Team System product installed to load the .WebTest file.

To replay a WebTest:

  1. Click File > New project.
  2. Expand Visual C# or Visual Basic.
  3. Click the Test node.
  4. Click Test Project in the template pane.

Troubleshooting Problems

Please see https://blogs.msdn.com/slumley/pages/how-to-debug-a-web-test.aspx for information on how to troubleshoot problems with WebTests.

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