Project Wizard

This article introduces the Telerik UI for Xamarin.Forms Project Wizard. The Project Wizard is a Visual Studio extension that improves the getting started experience for Telerik customers.

Visual Studio Project Wizard

It allows customers to select which platform(s) their application targets and the wizard will automatically reference all required Telerik binaries and packages.

With the official Q2 2016 release the Project Wizard is included in the automatic installation of the Telerik UI for Xamarin.Forms suite of controls. With the minor release R1 2017.1.10301 the Project Wizard is integrated with Visual Studio 2017.

New Project

In order to create a new solution using the Project Wizard customers should open the New Project dialog window of Visual Studio. Next users should navigate to Templates -> Visual C# section and the Telerik UI for Xamarin.Forms Project Wizard will be listed at the end.

Visual Studio New Project

Find the TelerikXFApp template and click OK. This will invoke the Project Wizard. Make your choice and click Create. Wait until Visual Studio prepares all the projects for you. After the solution is created it should be rebuilt in order to update the Xamarin.Forms NuGet packages.

Newly created solution

After rebuilding the solution all packages and binaries will be updated and users will be ready to choose a startup project and deploy it to the targeted platform.

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