Getting Started

This article will guide you through the basics of UI for Xamarin and how to start using the suite.

Xamarin Forms

Before proceeding with the UI for Xamarin Forms documentation we recommend that you check the fundamental concepts of Xamarin Forms. In general, Xamarin is a cross-platform UI framework that allows you to create native applications shared between Windows (UWP, Windows Phone), Android and iOS.

Check the system requirements

You can check the requirements for the UI for Xamarin Forms suite in the System Requirements help article.

Download and install UI for Xamarin

See how to download and install the components suite in the Download Steps help article.

Setting up UI for Xamarin project

To start using the UI for Xamarin controls you can create a new Xamarin Forms project and add the required dependenices. You can see how to to this in the Getting Started on Windows and Getting Started on Mac articles.

You can avoid adding all the assemblies manually by using the Project Wizard of your IDE. This will automatically set up a new project with all required dlls. Read more about this in the Project Wizard for Xamarin Studio and Project Wizard for Visual Studio help articles.

The wizard will include the dlls for all controls from the UI for Xamarin suite. You can remove the ones that you don't need manually after the project is created.

Getting started with the controls

Each control depends on specific assemblies which you will need to reference in the corresponding Xamarin projects (iOS, Android, Windows and the shared project). You can see the required assemblies for each control in the Required Telerik Assemblies help articles. There is such article in the Getting Started section of each control in the documentation. For example check the one for the RadAutoComplete control.

To get started with a control we recommend to read its Getting Started article. Those articles contain some basic information about setting up the control.

Developer Focused Examples

The developer focused examples is an infrastrucutre with many demos showing our controls. Read more about this in the corresponding help article. You can find the demos in the telerik/xamarin-forms-sdk GitHub repository.

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