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Thank you for choosing Telerik RadSpreadsheet!

RadSpreadsheet is a control that allows editing tabular data
utilizing a variety of cell formatting options, styles and themes.

Rad Spreadsheet Overview small

Some of its features are:

  • Named Ranges;

  • Protection;

  • Images;

  • Freeze panes;

  • Printing;

  • Create and use multiple sheets, each one with its own history stack;

  • Selection and active cell;

  • Scrolling - there are two scrolling modes - ItemBased and PixelBased.
    The first one ensures that the whole content of the top left cell is visible, the latter designed for smoother interaction;

  • Insert and delete cells, rows and columns;

  • Merge cells, merge cells across columns and unmerge;

  • Resize rows and columns, auto fit;

  • Zoom in and out each sheet separately;

  • Use different cell formatting:

  • various fonts and font sizes;

  • fore color and background color;

  • bold, italics and underline;

  • vertical and horizontal cell alignment;

  • text wrapping;

  • cell borders;

  • use cell styles and themes for a more consistent look.

  • A battery of data formatting options:

  • Number;

  • Currency;

  • Accounting;

  • Date;

  • Time;

  • Percentage;

  • Fraction;

  • Scientific;

  • Text;

  • Special;

  • Custom.

  • Auto fill and Series - fill cells automatically with data following a specific pattern;

  • A broad range of formulas in different categories:

  • Logical;

  • Text;

  • Date and Time;

  • Math and Trigonometry.

  • Easy integration with RadRibbonView.

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