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Thank you for choosing Telerik RadMenu!

Telerik WPF RadMenu is not just another dropdown-list control. This control has a number of advanced features like hierarchical data binding, different opening modes, integration with commands and different type of items, as well as full layout and appearance customization capabilities.

RadMenu provides the power to build the entire navigation of your web application. Combining the ability to display hierarchical views and the advanced styling mechanism, RadMenu lets you build even the most complicated site-menu systems.

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadMenu control:

  • Hierarchical Data Binding - the RadMenu control allows you to bind and visualize sets of hierarchical data. You can also populate it by consuming data from XML files, WCF services, RIA services etc. Read more

  • Opening Modes - let the child menu groups open only upon clicking a first-level item, thus achieving the behavior of windows-like menus. Read more

  • Orientation - set the orientation to either horizontal or vertical by changing a single property. Read more

  • Check/Uncheck items - let the users check/uncheck items and manage the collection of the checked items. Using the corresponding events you can entirely handle the check/uncheck action. Read more

  • Commands - the RadMenu control allows you to integrate its menu items with commands and pass parameters to them. Read more

  • Appearance customizations - the RadMenu control allows you to manipulate its default appearance by applying styles to it or by modifying its templates. You can modify the items depending on their type, thanks to the several properties that are exposed. Read more

  • WPF/Silverlight Code Compatibility - The WPF Menu shares a single codebase with its Silverlight counterpart. This means that you can achieve close to 100% code reuse for your Menu logic if you have parallel WPF/Silverlight development.

  • Codeless Test Automation - now you can record, execute and debug functional tests without leaving the familiar Visual Studio environment. Telerik WebUI Test Studio an advanced click and play web application testing tool specialized for automating both AJAX and Silverlight applications. The Studio ships with special translators for Telerik controls from the UI for WPF suite for ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight.

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