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IBlockTransform Interface
Defines the basic operations of the cryptographic or compression transformations.

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Zip
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Zip (in Telerik.Windows.Zip.dll) Version: 2017.2.607.40 (2017.2.607.40)
public interface IBlockTransform : IDisposable

The IBlockTransform type exposes the following members.

Public methodCreateHeader
Creates transformation header to be written into the output stream.
Public methodInitHeaderReading
Initialize reading of the transformation header.
Public methodProcessHeader
Process transformation header has been read.
Public methodTransformBlock
Transforms the specified region of the input byte array and copies the resulting transform to the specified region of the output byte array.
Public methodTransformFinalBlock
Transforms the specified region of the specified byte array.
Public propertyCanReuseTransform
Gets a value indicating whether the current transform can be reused.
Public propertyCanTransformMultipleBlocks
Gets a value indicating whether multiple blocks can be transformed.
Public propertyHeader
Gets transformation header (if required).
Public propertyInputBlockSize
Gets the input block size.
Public propertyOutputBlockSize
Gets the output block size.
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