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Workbook Class
A collection of sheets.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.Model
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet (in Telerik.Windows.Documents.Spreadsheet.dll) Version: 2017.2.607.40 (2017.2.607.40)
public class Workbook : NotifyPropertyChangedBase, IDisposable

The Workbook type exposes the following members.

Public methodWorkbook
Initializes a new instance of the Workbook class.
Protected methodCallOnWorkbookContentChanged
Calls the on workbook content changed.
Public methodDispose
Performs application-defined tasks associated with freeing, releasing, or resetting unmanaged resources.
Protected methodDispose(Boolean)
Disposes the specified clean up managed resources.
Public methodFind
Executes find action according to the specified find options.
Public methodFindAll
Executes find all action according to the specified find options.
Protected methodOnActiveSheetChanged
Called when the active sheet is changed.
Protected methodOnCommandError
Raises the [E:CommandError] event.
Protected methodOnCommandExecuted
Raises the [E:CommandExecuted] event.
Protected methodOnCommandExecuting
Raises the [E:CommandExecuting] event.
Protected methodOnIsProtectedChanged
Called when [is protected changed].
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged(PropertyChangedEventArgs)
Raises the [E:PropertyChanged] event.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyChangedBase.)
Protected methodOnPropertyChanged(String)
Called when when property is changed.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyChangedBase.)
Protected methodOnThemeChanged
Called when [theme changed].
Protected methodOnWorkbookContentChanged
Called when [workbook content changed].
Public methodProtect
Protects the workbook with the specified password.
Public methodReplace
Executes replace action in the active worksheet according to the specified replace options.
Public methodReplaceAll
Executes replace all action according to the specified replace options.
Public methodResumeLayoutUpdate
Resumes the layout update.
Public methodSuspendLayoutUpdate
Suspends the layout update.
Public methodUnprotect
Unprotects the workbook using the specified password.
Public propertyActiveSheet
Gets or sets the active sheet.
Public propertyActiveTabIndex
Gets or sets the index of the active tab.
Public propertyActiveWorksheet
Gets or sets the active worksheet.
Public propertyHistory
Gets the history for this workbook.
Public propertyIsLayoutUpdateSuspended
Gets a value indicating whether the layout update is suspended.
Public propertyIsProtected
Gets a value indicating whether the workbook is protected.
Public propertyName
Gets the name of the workbook.
Public propertyNames
Gets the collection of defined names of the workbook.
Public propertySheets
Gets the sheets of the workbook.
Public propertyStyles
Gets the collection of styles for this workbook.
Public propertyTheme
Gets or sets the workbook theme.
Public propertyWorkbookContentChangedInterval
Gets or sets the interval on which the workbook content changes.
Public propertyWorksheets
Gets the worksheets of the workbook.
Public eventActiveSheetChanged
Occurs when the active sheet is changed.
Public eventCommandError
Occurs in a command error.
Public eventCommandExecuted
Occurs when a command has executed.
Public eventCommandExecuting
Occurs when a command is in a state of execution.
Public eventIsProtectedChanged
Occurs when the current protection state has changed.
Public eventNameChanged
Occurs when name is changed.
Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value changes.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyChangedBase.)
Public eventThemeChanged
Occurs when a theme is changed.
Public eventWorkbookContentChanged
Occurs when the workbook content is changed.
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