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FixedDocumentViewerCommands Class

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Represents commands for a given FixedDocumentViewer instance.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Commands
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Controls.FixedDocumentViewers (in Telerik.Windows.Controls.FixedDocumentViewers.dll) Version: 2017.2.614.40 (2017.2.614.40)
[ObsoleteAttribute("Use DefaultCommandDescriptors class instead.")]
public class FixedDocumentViewerCommands : INotifyPropertyChanged

The FixedDocumentViewerCommands type exposes the following members.

Public methodFixedDocumentViewerCommands
Initializes a new instance of the FixedDocumentViewerCommands class.
Public propertyCopyCommand
Gets the copy command.
Public propertyFindCommand
Gets the find command.
Public propertyFindPreviousCommand
Gets the find previous command.
Public propertyFitToPageCommand
Gets the fit to page command.
Public propertyFitToPageFixedDocumentSinglePageViewPresenterCommand
Gets the fit to page fixed document single page view presenter command.
Public propertyFitToWidthCommand
Gets the fit to width command.
Public propertyFitToWidthFixedDocumentPagesPresenterCommand
Gets the fit to width fixed document pages presenter command.
Public propertyFixedDocumentViewer
Gets the fixed document viewer.
Public propertyMoveCaretCommand
Gets the move caret command.
Public propertyMoveCaretLineDownCommand
Gets the move caret line down command.
Public propertyMoveCaretLineUpCommand
Gets the move caret line up command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToEndOfDocumentCommand
Gets the move caret to end of document command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToLineEndCommand
Gets the move caret to line end command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToLineStartCommand
Gets the move caret to line start command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToNextCharacterCommand
Gets the move caret to next character command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToNextWordCommand
Gets the move caret to next word command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToPreviousCharacterCommand
Gets the move caret to previous character command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToPreviousWordCommand
Gets the move caret to previous word command.
Public propertyMoveCaretToStartOfDocumentCommand
Gets the move caret to start of document command.
Public propertyOpenPdfDocumentCommand
Gets the open PDF document command.
Public propertyPageDownCommand
Gets the page down command.
Public propertyPageUpCommand
Gets the page up command.
Public propertyPrintPdfDocumentCommand
Gets the print PDF document command.
Public propertyRotateClockwiseCommand
Gets the rotate clockwise command.
Public propertyRotateCounterClockwiseCommand
Gets the rotate counter clockwise command.
Public propertyScrollDownCommand
Gets the scroll down command.
Public propertyScrollLeftCommand
Gets the scroll left command.
Public propertyScrollRightCommand
Gets the scroll right command.
Public propertyScrollUpCommand
Gets the scroll up command.
Public propertySelectAllCommand
Gets the select all command.
Public propertySetFixedDocumentPagesPresenterCommand
Gets the set fixed document pages presenter command.
Public propertySetFixedDocumentSinglePageViewPresenterCommand
Gets the set fixed document single page view presenter command.
Public propertyShowFindDialogCommand
Gets the show find dialog command.
Public propertyShowSignaturePropertiesDialogCommand
Gets the show signature properties dialog command.
Public propertyValidateSignaturesCommand
Gets the validate signatures command.
Public propertyZoomInCommand
Gets the zoom in command.
Public propertyZoomOutCommand
Gets the zoom out command.
Public eventPropertyChanged
Do not use this event.
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