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CaretMovementType Enumeration

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Represents caret movement type.

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Documents.Commands
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Controls.FixedDocumentViewers (in Telerik.Windows.Controls.FixedDocumentViewers.dll) Version: 2017.2.614.40 (2017.2.614.40)
public enum CaretMovementType
  Member nameValueDescription
MoveToPreviousCharacter0 Represents move to previous character.
MoveToNextCharacter1 Represents move to next character.
MoveLineUp2 Represents move line up.
MoveLineDown3 Represents move line down.
MovePageUp4 Represents move page up.
MovePageDown5 Represents move page down.
MoveToNextWord6 Represents move to next word.
MoveToPreviousWord7 Represents move to previous word.
MoveToLineStart8 Represents move to line start.
MoveToLineEnd9 Represents move to line end.
MoveToStartOfDocument10 Represents move to start of document.
MoveToEndOfDocument11 Represents move to end of document.
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