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TreeLayoutSettings Class
Defines the parameters when applying a tree layout (or one of its variations).
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Diagrams.Core
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Diagrams.Core (in Telerik.Windows.Diagrams.Core.dll) Version: 2017.2.614.40 (2017.2.614.40)
public sealed class TreeLayoutSettings

The TreeLayoutSettings type exposes the following members.

Public methodTreeLayoutSettings
Initializes a new instance of the TreeLayoutSettings class.
Public propertyAnimateTransitions
Gets or sets whether layout changes are animated.
Public propertyComponentMargin
Gets or sets the component margin.
Public propertyComponentsGridWidth
Gets or sets the width of the components grid.
Public propertyEndRadialAngle
Gets or sets the end angle of the radial layout.
Public propertyHorizontalSeparation
The horizontal distance between siblings.
Public propertyIgnoreContainers
Gets or sets whether the shape containers are ignored when laying out the graph.
If false the shape containers will be considered as ordinary shapes in the tree layout process. You can additionally set the LayoutContainerChildren flag to perform a separate layout pass on the content of the containers. On the other hand, if this property is set to true the LayoutContainerChildren flag will have no effect since the layout process will be oblivious to the containers.
Public propertyIgnoreInvisible
Gets or sets whether the non-visible diagram items have to be taken into account. If set to true shapes with Visibility not set to Visible will be ignored.
Public propertyKeepComponentsInOneRadialLayout
When using radial layout on a forest one can either apply the layout to the trees connected via a fictive common root or apply the radial to each tree and layout each component on a grid.
Public propertyLayoutContainerChildren
Gets or sets a value indicating whether the content of the containers is processed on top of the global layout. This flag has only an effect if IgnoreContainers is set to false.
Public propertyRadialFirstLEvelSeparation
The radial distance between the root and the first level.
Public propertyRadialSeparation
The radial separation between layers.
Public propertyRoots
Gets the roots of the forest.
Public propertyStartRadialAngle
Gets or sets the start angle of the radial layout.
Public propertyTipOverTreeStartLevel
Gets or sets the level from which the tip-over arrangement should be applied. A value of zero means that the children underneath the root will have a tip-over arrangement, a value of one means the grand-children of the root will have this applied and so on.
Public propertyTotalMargin
Gets or sets the margin of the whole diagram.
Public propertyTreeLayoutType
Gets or sets the type of the layout.
Public propertyUnderneathHorizontalOffset
The horizontal offset of the children when in TipOverTree layout mode.
Public propertyUnderneathVerticalSeparation
The horizontal separation of the children when in TipOverTree layout mode.
Public propertyUnderneathVerticalTopOffset
The vertical offset of the first child when in TipOverTree layout mode.
Public propertyVerticalDistance
Gets or sets the distance between layers.
Public propertyVerticalSeparation
The vertical distance between parent and child.
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