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SheetTabViewModel Class
Represents the sheet tab view model.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace: Telerik.Windows.Controls.Spreadsheet.Dialogs
Assembly: Telerik.Windows.Controls.Spreadsheet (in Telerik.Windows.Controls.Spreadsheet.dll) Version: 2017.2.614.40 (2017.2.614.40)
public class SheetTabViewModel : PageSetupTabViewModelBase

The SheetTabViewModel type exposes the following members.

Protected propertyContext
Gets the context.
(Inherited from DialogViewModelBaseT.)
Protected propertyDialogViewModel
Gets or sets the dialog view model.
(Inherited from PageSetupTabViewModelBase.)
Public propertyIsSelected
Gets or sets the value indicating whether this tab is selected.
(Inherited from PageSetupTabViewModelBase.)
Public propertyIsWorksheetActive
Gets the value indicating whether the worksheet is active.
Public propertyPageOrder
Gets or sets the page order.
Protected propertyPageSetup
Gets the page setup.
(Inherited from PageSetupTabViewModelBase.)
Public propertyPrintGridlines
Gets or sets the value indicating whether to print gridlines.
Public propertyPrintRowColumnHeadings
Gets or sets the value indicating whether to print row column headings.
Protected propertySheetContextType
Gets the type of the sheet context.
(Inherited from PageSetupTabViewModelBase.)
Public propertyTabHeader
Gets the tab header.
(Overrides PageSetupTabViewModelBaseTabHeader.)
Protected propertyWorksheetPageSetup
Gets the worksheet page setup.
(Inherited from PageSetupTabViewModelBase.)
Public eventPropertyChanged
Occurs when a property value changes.
(Inherited from NotifyPropertyChangedBase.)
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