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RadVirtualGrid Events

The RadVirtualGrid type exposes the following members.

Public eventCellDecorationsNeeded
Occurs when a cell will be visualized. Setting the arguments' properties will visually modify the cell.
Public eventCellEditEnded
Occurs when an edit operation is finished.
Public eventCellValueNeeded
Occurs when RadVirtualGrid fetches the value for a cell.
Public eventEditorNeeded
Occurs when a cell is edited and the editor property value gets changed.
Public eventEditorValueChanged
Occurs when a cell is edited and an editor is required.
Public eventHeaderSizeNeeded
Occurs when size for a header cell is needed.
Public eventHeaderValueNeeded
Occurs when header cell values is needed.
Public eventOverlayBrushesNeeded
Occurs when the set of brushes that will be used for background customization is needed.
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