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Overview of RadGridView Structure


Each row in RadGridView is represented by GridRowElement class.gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 001


The header element is represented by GridHeaderRowElement class.gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 002

Add New Row

Depending on the value of GridViewTemplate.AddNewRowPosition property, the new row element appears below the header row or after the data rows.
gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 003


FilteringRow appears automatically when you have Filtering enabled by setting RadGridView.EnableFiltering or GridViewTemplate.EnableFiltering properties.
gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 004


This column appears when the grid data is grouped or there is a hierarchical structure to facilitate the expand/collapse functionality. The expand column is always placed in front of all other grid content columns and cannot be moved.
gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 005


Displays a column bound to a field in a data source.
gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 006


MasterTemplate is the top most GridViewTemplate in the hierarchical structure. It contains all inner GridViewTemplates(GridViewTemplate.Templates collection). When there is no hierarchical structure, only MasterTemplate is displayed. gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 007


GridViewTemplate is a basic class containing settings for a single level of the hierarchical structure.gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 008


RadGridView will automatically show and hide scrollbars as needed. gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 009


When you want to enable the group-by functionality for the end-user, you need to set RadGridView.GroupingEnabled to true and GridViewTemplate.EnableGrouping.  If you want to prevent the end-user to drag column header into the GroupPanel, set GridViewTemplate.AllowDragToGroup to falseRadGridView.ShowGroupPanel shows/hides the group panel.  You can access the group panel using RadGridView.GridElement.HeaderElement.GroupPanel property. gridview-fundamentals-overview-of-radgridview-structure 010