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Thank you for choosing Telerik UI for Silverlight.

UI for Silverlight provide native controls for Silverlight 5. The suite includes more than 100 UI controls for building rich line-of-business Silverlight applications.

Sharing the same codebase with Telerik WPF controls, the Silverlight controls offer a clean and intuitive API, Blend support and powerful theming capabilities that will radically improve your RIA development.

Telerik UI for Silverlight features the following controls:

Throughout this article, you will find the following sections that describe all of the important aspects in depth:


License agreement and detailed information about different licenses and which one you should purchase is explained in the Licensing section.

Installation and Deployment

To learn how to install UI for Silverlight and for comprehensive list of our controls and their assemblies you can visit the Installation and Deployment section.

Consuming Data

To learn more about the different approaches for populating the Telerik UI for Silverlight controls, visit the Consuming Data section.

Styling and Appearance

To find how to customize the look of UI for Silverlight using tools such as Expression Blend and information on how to use our predefined themes visit the Styling and Appearance section.

If you need further assistance you can post your question in the Silverlight forums or use the online ticketing system.