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Thank you for choosing Telerik RadWindow!

With Telerik RadWindow you can easily add modal popups to your application. Draw attention to important information or receive user input. RadWindow lets you create Child and Dialogs Windows, which can have their appearance and content customized. The control provides a flexible API to easily control its behavior and makes possible the implementation of complex logic for a great range of scenarios

Rad Window Overview 03

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadWindow control:

  • Child Windows Across All Platforms and Scenarios - Telerik RadWindow makes possible to create Child Windows in Silverlight, WPF and XBAP applications with the same API, functionality and appearance across all platforms and scenarios.

  • Predefined Dialogs - Telerik RadWindow provides an easy way to replace the standard non-customizable dialog boxes (alert, confirm, and prompt) provided by the browser. With RadWindow you can blend the popup into the application’s design to achieve better user experience. Read more

  • Styling and Appearance - Telerik RadWindow is a fully customizable control, which lets you easily modify all its visual elements, such as borders, resize grips, titlebars, buttons, etc. The control comes with several built-in skins that can be customized if needed. Read more

  • Customizable Behavior - Telerik RadWindow basic behavior can be configured with a few clicks. You have a full control over determining the initial state of the window and whether it can be resized.

  • Configuration - Telerik RadWindow gives you full freedom to choose its state and position parameters.

  • Customizable Content - in case of complex scenarios, you can implement any element such as basic shapes, panels and user controls inside the RadWindow.

  • Silverlight/WPF Code Compatibility - Telerik RadWindow shares a single codebase with its WPF counterpart. This means that you can achieve close to 100% code reuse for your modal popus if you have parallel Silverlight/WPF development.

  • Codeless Test Automation for RadWindow - Now you can record, execute and debug functional tests for RadWindow without leaving the familiar Visual Studio environment. Telerik WebUI Test Studio is an advanced click and play web application testing tool specialized for automating both AJAX and Silverlight applications. The Studio ships with special translators for Telerik UI for Silverlight for ASP.NET, AJAX and Silverlight.

In the following video, we will look at some of the features and functionality in Telerik RadWindow for Silverlight and how you can start using it in your rich internet applications today.(Runtime: 03:22)

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