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Rad List Box Overview 010 SL

Thank you for choosing Telerik RadListBox!

RadListBox is a Silverlight control used to display a list of items from which the user can choose. The control has a number of advanced features like multiple selection, autocomplete, keyboard support, drag and drop, as well as full customization capabilities.

Rad List Box Overview 02

Key Features:

  • Selection - RadListBox provides three selection modes - Single, Multiple and Extended. Check here for more details.

  • AutoComplete - when RadListBox is in focus, the first matching item is selected while the user is typing. Read more.

  • Drag and Drop - take advantage of the built-in drag and drop support to reorder items or move them from one RadListBox to another. Read more.

  • Silverlight/WPF Code Compatibility - the Silverlight ListBox shares a single codebase with its WPF counterpart. This means that you can achieve close to 100% code reuse for your RadListBox logic if you have parallel Silverlight/WPF development.

  • Expression Blend support - all controls from the UI for Silverlight suite can be easily customized using Expression Blend.

  • Keyboard Support - RadListBox supports several keyboard shortcuts for performing the most common task. Read more

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