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Thank you for choosing Telerik RadDocking!

Are you comfortable handling multiple windows in your application? Save yourself the hassle with RadDocking for Silverlight – a docking system like the one in Microsoft Visual Studio. You get the dockable ToolWindows, a hidden DockingManager control, and a designer to make the creation of attractive layouts easy.

Rad Docking Overview

RadDocking key features list:

  • Save/Load Layout

  • Split Containers

  • Tabbed Documents

  • Pin/Unpin and Hide Panes

  • Dockable Windows

  • Floating Windows

  • Nested RadDocking Support

  • WPF/Silverlight Code Compatibility

  • All Telerik controls for

  • Events Routed strong

  • Codeless Test Automation for Docking

A complete list with all the key features can be found here

Check out the online demo at: http://demos.telerik.com/silverlight/default.aspx#Docking/FirstLook

In the following video, we will look at some of the features and functionality in Telerik RadDocking for Silverlight and how you can start using it in your rich internet applications today.(Runtime: 03:13)