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Rad Date Time Picker Overview 02

RadDateTimePicker is a convenient way to get rid of boring date and time parsing and data validation. RadDateTimePicker is easy and simple, but yet essential way to improve end-user experience. You can set InputMode that allows you to use RadDateTimePicker as DatePicker, TimePicker or both. Moreover, you can control the layout of the popups that shows time and/or date values as well as to use the rich data model in Silverlight to populate content dynamically.

This control fully replaces the functionality of RadTimePicker and RadDatePicker controls.

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's RadDateTimePicker control:

  • DatePicker and TimePicker controls - DatePicker and TimePicker can be used independently from the RadDateTimePicker control. Read more

  • Display Modes - You can display the DateTimePicker in four different views - Months, Years, Decades, Centuries. Thus, you can adjust the date-time-picker component to meet your very own business needs. Read more

  • Powerful Databinding- The Silverlight DateTimePicker control by Telerik can be bound to various datasource types, such as Object, XML and WCF services.

  • Keyboard Navigation - RadDateTimePicker supports the standard browser navigation paradigm. Users can tab across the page elements till they reach the date-picker element. Then, they can type something in the input field, click tab to focus the drop-arrow element and then press the [ Enter] key. Calendar will appear. The users can go forward/backward over the individual days by pressing the [Tab]/[Shift+Tab] keys. A day can be selected by clicking the [Enter] button.

  • Advanced Parser - You can enter any number or string in the input field of RadDateTimePicker and the entered value will be transformed to a valid date. For example, if you type “1”, the first day of the month will be shown after leaving the input field. If you type “Monday”, the corresponding date of the current week will be selected. Read more

  • Styling and Appearance - Telerik Silverlight DateTimePicker can be fully customized using Expression Blend. There are also several pre-defined themes that can be used to style the control. Read more

  • Enhanced Routed Events Framework - To help your code become even more elegant and concise, we implemented Enhanced Routed Events Framework for the controls from the UI for Silverlight suite. This gives you more freedom when you design your applications since you can write instance handlers as well as class handlers for the routed events of our controls. Read more

  • Watermark - The DateTimePicker control allows the user to define and use watermarks in the date and time fields. Read more

Check out the RadDateTimePicker demos at: http://demos.telerik.com/silverlight/#DateTimePicker/FirstLook

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