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This series is visualized on the screen as separate slices representing each of the DataPoints. The only difference from the PieSeries is that the separate slices of this series start with an offset of the center of the RadPieChart control.

Declaratively defined series

You can use the following definition to display a simple DoughnutSeries


<telerik:RadPieChart Palette="Windows8">
                <telerik:PieDataPoint Label="43.46%" Value="43.46"/>
                <telerik:PieDataPoint Label="27.53%" Value="27.53"/>
                <telerik:PieDataPoint Label="15.11%" Value="15.11"/>
                <telerik:PieDataPoint Label="10.35%" Value="10.35"/>
                <telerik:PieDataPoint Label="3.55%" Value="3.55"/>


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