Welcome to the official documentation of Telerik UI for NativeScript

What is Telerik UI for NativeScript

Telerik UI for NativeScript is a set of components that enable implementing rich-ui applications for iOS and Android by using NativeScript. Telerik UI for NativeScript is built on top of natively implemented components targeting iOS and Android, which are part of the already familiar Telerik UI for Android and Telerik UI for iOS suites.

Telerik UI for NativeScript contains the following components:

  • Calendar: A calendar component that offers different view modes, animations, great performance and customization options.
  • Chart: A versatile charting component that supports all major Cartesian series types, as well as Pie and Donut series.
  • ListView: A powerful data list control implementing a bunch of features native to the mobile world as item animations, pull-to-refresh, item layouts, load-on-demand, swipe-to-execute, etc.
  • DataForm: A component that helps you edit the properties of a business object during runtime and build a mobile form fast and easy.
  • SideDrawer: A customizable container component that can be used to implement a hidden view containing navigation UI or common settings – a pattern extremely popular with the best iOS and Android applications.
  • Gauges: A customizable component that allows you to show the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds, illustrate progress towards a goal or a summary of a fluctuating metric.
  • AutoCompleteTextView: An extended Text View that can automatically complete user input string by comparing the text being entered to all strings in the associated data source.

How is Telerik UI for NativeScript distributed

Telerik UI for NativeScript is distributed in two versions:

  • Telerik UI for NativeScript (free)
  • Telerik UI for NativeScript Pro (paid)

Telerik UI for NativeScript is available for download on under the nativescript-telerik-ui name. It contains two free components:

Telerik UI for NativeScript Pro is available for download from the Telerik website or from under the nativescript-telerik-ui-pro name. Besides the two free components mentioned above, it also contains:

For more information about how to install either package in a NativeScript application, take a look at the Getting Started article.

Further resources

SDK samples app

You can use the Telerik UI for NativeScript getting started application, which is publicly available on GitHub here: This application contains various examples of the usage of the components in the suite. More information about how to run the application is available on its GitHub page.

AppStore/PlayStore sample app

In case you want to experience the native side of NativeScript and UI for NativeScript to the fullest, you can refer to the official sample NativeScript application. You can find its source code at this GitHub repo. You can easily check how the app works on your device by getting it from AppStore or PlayStore.


Your feedback will be highly appreciated and will directly influence the development of Telerik UI for NativeScript.

You can submit issues and feedback at the dedicated feedback GitHub repository here: