RadCalendar: Getting Started

This article will guide you through the process of adding a RadCalendar instance to a page in a {N} application.

Adding a RadCalendar to Your Page

To be able to add a RadCalendar instance to your page you need to define a custom XML namespace as follows xmlns:calendar="nativescript-pro-ui/calendar".

After defining the namespace adding a RadCalendar instance to your page is done as follows:

        <ActionBar title="Getting Started" />
    <calendar:RadCalendar id="calendar" />

RadCalendar must be put in a parent layout panel that does not require from its children to have their own desired size. You should not therefore put RadCalendar in a StackLayout or an auto-sized row within a GridLayout.

This will initialize a new RadCalendar instance and put it as a direct child of your page:

TelerikUI RadCalendar: Getting Started TelerikUI RadCalendar: Getting Started


Want to see this scenario in action?
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