IMethodSignature Interface

Contains information about the signature of a method.

Namespace: JustDecompile.API.Core
Assembly: JustDecompile.API (in JustDecompile.API.dll) Version: (


public interface IMethodSignature : IMetadataTokenProvider

TheIMethodSignaturetype exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property CallingConvention Gets the calling convention of the method.
Public property ExplicitThis
Public property HasParameters Gets a value indicating whether the method has parameters.
Public property HasThis Gets a value indicating whether the method is an instance method.
Public property MetadataToken Gets the IMetadataToken of the IMetadataTokenProvider. (Inherited from IMetadataTokenProvider.)
Public property MethodReturnType Gets information about the method's return type.
Public property Parameters Gets the parameters of the method.
Public property ReturnType Gets the return type of the method.

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