IAssemblyDefinitionTreeViewItem Interface

Represents a tree view item from the assembly tree, which contains the actual assembly metadata definition for assembly.

Namespace: JustDecompile.API.Core
Assembly: JustDecompile.API (in JustDecompile.API.dll) Version: (


public interface IAssemblyDefinitionTreeViewItem : ITreeViewItem

TheIAssemblyDefinitionTreeViewItemtype exposes the following members.


Name Description
Public property AssemblyDefinition Gets the assembly definition that this item contains.
Public property TreeNodeType Gets the type of the tree node. (Inherited from ITreeViewItem.)
Public property TreeNodeVisuals Gets an ITreeViewItemVisuals instance for setting visual style for the current tree view item. (Inherited from ITreeViewItem.)


Name Description
Public method Expand Sets the ITreeViewItem instance in an expanded state. This is an async operation. (Inherited from ITreeViewItem.)

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