FieldAttributes Enumeration

Specifies flags that describe the attributes of a field in a type. This is a mirror copy of the System.Reflection.FieldAttributes enumeration.

Namespace: JustDecompile.API.Core
Assembly: JustDecompile.API (in JustDecompile.API.dll) Version: (


public enum FieldAttributes


Member name Value Description
FieldAccessMask 7
CompilerControlled 0
Private 1
FamANDAssem 2
Assembly 3
Family 4
FamORAssem 5
Public 6
Static 16
InitOnly 32
Literal 64
NotSerialized 128
SpecialName 512
PInvokeImpl 8192
RTSpecialName 1024
HasFieldMarshal 4096
HasDefault 32768
HasFieldRVA 256

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