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Available for: UI for ASP.NET AJAX | UI for ASP.NET MVC | UI for WPF | UI for WinForms | UI for Silverlight | UI for Xamarin


Have you ever wondered how to increase the responsiveness of your applications by compressing the data that you send over the internet? With RadZipLibrary you can compress data like images, docx or pdf files and send them over the wire. Thus, you will achieve fast and secure transactions.

Zip Library Overview 01

This is a list with short descriptions of the top-of-the-line features of Telerik's Zip Library control:

  • Easy to use API: The Zip Library exposes flexible and easy API to provide you with full control over the compressed data.

  • Load or create ZIP files: You can load data from existing ZIP files, create new ones and edit ZIPs that can be used by other applications. You can also create ZIP files in memory or add data to ZIP file from stream.

  • Store your data in the Isolated Storage: You can store the compressed data in the Isolated Storage.

  • Support for large files: The Zip Library works seamlessly with large files.

  • Support for encryption: You can protect your ZIP file with password for more security.