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Ajax Overview

Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX provides a universal, cross-browser approach for creating highly-interactive applications. The control allows developers to AJAX-enable any ASP.NET application without making any modifications (placing Update Panels, setting triggers, etc.) and without writing a single line of JavaScript or server-side code.

RadAjax Controls

  • RadAjaxManager Use RadAjaxManager to configure the necessary AJAX settings to specify the AJAX initiators and updated controls. The AJAX initiator performs the AJAX request to update the respectively set controls. You can find how to configure the RadAjaxManager control in the following articles:

  • Setting Control Relations in RadAjaxManager

  • AJAX-enabling an Application Through RadAjaxManager and RadAjaxLoadingPanel

  • RadAjaxPanel The RadAjaxPanel control mimics the behaviour of the asp:UpdatePanel control - All of the controls that prevously triggered postback requests start performing AJAX updates after they are wrapped in a RadAjaxPanel control. Read more about the RadAjaxPanel in the article below.

  • RadAjaxPanel

  • RadAjaxManagerProxy Similar to the RadAjaxManager control, the RadAjaxManagerProxy is an additional option to configure the necessary AJAX settings at design-time. RadAjaxManagerProxy is widely used in WebUserControl or Master/ContentPage scenarios:

  • RadAjaxManagerProxy

  • RadAjax and WebUserControls

  • RadAjax and MasterPage Scenarios

  • RadAjaxLoadingPanel A RadAjaxLoadingPanel is displayed over or above the updated controls during AJAX updates. Read how to use and configure the RadAjaxLoadingPanel control in the following article.

  • Configuring RadAjaxLoadingPanel

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