How to: Sort Data

This topic shows how to sort query results. The example returns a collection of Product objects sorted alphabetically by the first letter of Product.ProductName.

To run the code in this example, you need to create a new Telerik Data Access Domain Model based on the Northwind database.

The following code is the LINQ example.


    using ( EntitiesModel dbContext = new EntitiesModel() )
       var products = from product in dbContext.Products
                      orderby product.ProductName
                      select product;
       foreach ( Product product in products )
           Console.WriteLine( "ProductName: {0}", product.ProductName );


    Using dbContext As New EntitiesModel()
     Dim products = From product In dbContext.Products
                    Order By product.ProductName
                    Select product
     For Each _product As Product In products
      Console.WriteLine("ProductName: {0}", _product.ProductName)
     Next _product
    End Using

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