How to: Retrieve Many Objects At Once

You can retrieve many objects in one query by using LoadWith.

The following code uses the LoadWith method to retrieve both Customer and Order objects.


    using (NorthwindDbContext dbContext = new NorthwindDbContext())
       Telerik.OpenAccess.FetchOptimization.FetchStrategy fetchStrategy = new Telerik.OpenAccess.FetchOptimization.FetchStrategy();
       fetchStrategy.LoadWith<Customer>(c => c.Orders);
       dbContext.FetchStrategy = fetchStrategy;
       IQueryable<Customer> query = from c in dbContext.Customers
                                       where c.Country == "Germany"
                                       select c;
       foreach (Customer customer in query)
           foreach (Order order in customer.Orders)
               Console.WriteLine("\t{0}", order.OrderID);


    Using dbContext As New NorthwindDbContext()
     Dim fetchStrategy As New Telerik.OpenAccess.FetchOptimization.FetchStrategy()
     fetchStrategy.LoadWith(Of Customer)(Function(c) c.Orders)
     dbContext.FetchStrategy = fetchStrategy
     Dim query As IQueryable(Of Customer) = From c In dbContext.Customers
                                            Where c.Country = "Germany"
                                            Select c
     For Each customer_Renamed As Customer In query
      For Each order_Renamed As Order In customer_Renamed.Orders
       Console.WriteLine(vbTab & "{0}", order_Renamed.OrderID)
      Next order_Renamed
     Next customer_Renamed
    End Using

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