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Dialog Tag Helper Overview

The Dialog tag helper helps you configure the Kendo UI Dialog widget in ASP.NET Core applications.

Basic Usage

The following example demonstrates how to define the Dialog by using the Dialog tag helper.

    <kendo-dialog name="dialog1">Dialog contents</kendo-dialog>


The Dialog tag helper configuration options are passed as attributes of the tag. Its content is placed between the opening and closing tags.

            .Title("Software Update")
            .Content("Do you agree terms and conditions?")
            .Events(ev => ev.Close("dialog_close"))
        <kendo-dialog name="dialog" title="Software Update" closable="false" modal="false"
                content="Do you agree terms and conditions?" on-close="dialog_close">


The Dialog tag helper does not provide options for adding actions. For more information on how to work around this limitation, refer to the demo on using the Razor syntax helper method.

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