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Grid Overview

Configuring Grid Behavior

Kendo Grid supports paging, sorting, grouping, and scrolling. Configuring any of these Grid behaviors is done using simple boolean configuration options. For example, the follow snippet shows how to enable all of these behaviors.

Enabling Grid paging, sorting, grouping, and scrolling

         groupable: true,
         scrollable: true,
         sortable: true,
         pageable: true

By default, paging, grouping, and sorting are disabled. Scrolling is enabled by default.

Performance with Virtual Scrolling

When binding to large data sets or when using large page sizes, reducing active in-memory DOM objects is important for performance. Kendo Grid provides built-in UI virtualization for highly optimized binding to large data sets. Enabling UI virtualization is done via simple configuration.

Enabling Grid UI virtualization

         scrollable: {
             virtual: true

Accessing an Existing Grid

You can reference an existing Grid instance via jQuery.data(). Once a reference has been established, you can use the Grid API to control its behavior.

Accessing an existing Grid instance

var grid = $("#grid").data("kendoGrid");